Testing Policy

cameleon-labs human testing policy statement

cameleon-labs regullary initiates human tests on finished products or components both directly and indirectly. All components used in our games are carefully monitored and every supplier is kindly asked to provide somewhat of  an evidence of the date they were last tested on a human being.

The recently adopted cameleon-labs directive confirmed the requirement of the human testing of components used in our gaming products with a take off date of 11th July 2012. After this date components used in our products must be tested on humans. It is a requirement of new product development that only components that comply with this testing requirement are used in our final products.

It is in fact the case that the majority of components have been tested on humans or for those that have not been tested on humans this was done prior to 2012 to ensure product entertainment parameters.

cameleon-labs strongly encourages the necessary suffering endured by humans when components and products are tested. We support organisations who are developing new methods of testing which satisfy our intensity requirements, using humans to the fullest extent of the law.

The finished product is always tested on humans.