Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

1. Introduction

cameleon-labs (“CameleonLabs”, “company”, “we”, “us”) provide this website to use our services. In order to keep the services at the best possible level we have to collect some information which we need for running the services for our customers. By using our services you signify your agreement to this private policy. The content of the policy is subject to change and therefore you should be allways up to date with the latest changes of it.

2. Collected information

Personally identifiable information:
In order to use our services we require you to register and to provide us with personal information on voluntary basis, no personally identifiable information is obligatory to use our services. However, at certain points when using our services (signing up for an account, commenting, and other contact services), we might require that you provide us with some personally identifiable information such as full name, phone number, e-mail address, etc.
In order to buy our services you will be asked to use a third party payment provider (e.g., PayPal) and provide it with your credit card information. We do not take any responsibility for using the third party payment providers and their privacy policies.

Non-personally identifiable information:
While using our services we might collect, store and process some information that will not be able to identify you. When using our services we might collect such information: the links you clicked, IP address, MAC address, operating system specification, CPU specification, browser, hard drive or other storage unit specification, and other information provided with your computer while browsing our website and using our services.

In order to show the use of our website and our services we may gather the non-personally identifiable information and show it to our business partners or in response to government request.

3. Use of the gathered information

The personally identifiable information that was stated above may be used in a number of situations especially to satisfy you with the services you might use. You can expect this information to be used especially in situations as promotions, marketing, customer support, offers, and other thing which require direct contact between you and us.

4. Changing and deleting personal information

At any time you have right to submit a request to remove your personal identifiable information from our data bases. However you have to be aware of the fact that we will keep residual information in which may or may not be some of your personal identifiable information. The residual information is kept in order to maintain our services and prevent them from hacking or abusing of any kind. Any personal identifiable information which will be within residual information will not be used for commercial purposes. You hereby agree to the fact that all the information gathered is part of our company and it is our asset and therefore may be transferred to our successor.