Cross-platform multiplayer in Rascal Rider

Still being in pre-alpha stage, Rascal Rider has just got another of it’s features tested. The cross-platform multiplayer gaming capability has been tested by the cameleon-labs team. This test, including most of the major game features, from riding, to skin changes and animations, was one of the milestones in the Rascal Rider development cycle. The test was run using a several PC machines running both a standalone build as well a web player version of the game, and mobile devices running under Android and Windows Phone 8 operating systems.


The goal of developing the cross-platform functionality for Rascal Rider is to enhance the player experience in many ways. Cross-platform races will not only allow for more online action and larger player base but will also let player to play on the platform of their choice depending on time and situation. This of course means that any Rascal Rider related purchase will be valid for any platform.


You can follow the game development process on the developers website or Facebook profile.


About cameleon-labs:

cameleon-labs is an independent game developer, based in Poznan, Poland, focused on delivering interesting gameplay experience wraped in high quality, creative content.

We are a small studio that is free to follow its own ideas, and untied with any publisher we are ready to hear from the community in order to make our games richer and more fun to play. 

Working on different stuff ranging from web aplications and database solutions for corporate clients to graphic tools and big scale game modding is how our team members got their experience (Object Painter  video1, video2; S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha). And now we are going to put all of it together, combined with our creativty and passion, into making some kick-ass games for you.


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