Whiteboard. January

Our whiteboard at the end of January

January has been a really, really busy month. From hardware failures, through diseases to quite a lot of coding. The coders where so productive in January that some of them even found time to help the designers in creating some concept arts. 

concept art…

In exchange the designers will do their best to make use of this concept art. In any way, shape or form ;)


3 Responses to “Whiteboard. January”

  1. Jacob
    1. February 2013 um 12:29

    This concept art is a fucking masterpiece !

  2. Marta
    2. February 2013 um 23:37

    Hell Yeah!
    var target2=target;
    It’s a great masterpiece! ;D

  3. Mario
    6. February 2013 um 21:21

    I agree with you Jacob. This work blow up everything on knees … and stomach :)