Screenshots, music and the near future

cameleon-labs is happy to present a first series of pre-alpha Rascal Rider screenshots. All of them are pure, unedited in-game graphics with effects and lighting ready to be used during the game. However, as the game is still in pre-alpha stage, the presented graphics do not represent the quality of the final product.

Most of the images are featuring one of the inaugural game locations, the Short Circuit, an oval track designed to serve as the first venue for the players to race on. It’s simple layout helps the players to get familiar with both the vehicle physics and with the combat mechanics. The more experienced riders will also find this track interesting due to the intensity of combat during the races on it’s simple layout.

Beside the Short Circuit, the initial release of the game will include 2 other environments, giving 8 different track layouts in total, with more locations to come in the future. Every location will feature it’s own style, with Short Circuit being the smallest and the shortest track in the game.

You can also take a sneak peek at the track by watching this short video, check out the main music theme from the game or watch the first episode of the comic series presenting the story behind the game.

The project is being prepared for the crowdfunding campaign, starting at the end of November. The goal of the campaign is to aid the development process with additional funds that will allow to incorporate all of the prepared features, without the need of financing the game with publishing deal.

The development process of Rascal Rider can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or it’s IndieDB profile. Start following one of it’s media profiles to be the first to know on the future updates.


About cameleon-labs:

cameleon-labs is an independent game developer, based in Poznan, Poland, focused on delivering interesting gameplay experience wraped in high quality, creative content. 

We are a small studio that is free to follow its own ideas, and untied with any publisher we are ready to hear from the community in order to make our games richer and more fun to play. 

Working on different stuff ranging from web aplications and database solutions for corporate clients to graphic tools and big scale game modding is how our team members got their experience (Object Painter  video1video2S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha). And now we are going to put all of it together, combined with our creativty and passion, into making some kick-ass games for you.



Rascal Rider – screenshots, music and the future Press Kit

Rascal Rider Screenshots pack

Short Circuit sneak peek video

Rascal Rider Main Theme by SoberDrunk



Rascal Rider The Beginning Press Kit (07.2013)

Rascal Rider Story Teaser (YouTube)

Rascal Rider Story Teaser (FullHD Download)

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