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Penguin In Panic!!! released

cameleon-labs is happy to announce the release of the Penguin In Panic!!! game.

The free Android title is a single tap, top-down endless runnner game. 

Your goal is to guide one not-so-bright Penguin, through an ice labyrinth and don’t loose him out of sight. Tap the Penguin to change direction and stay in the game as this endless runner experience gets faster and faster. The funny little creature will do his best, but being a penguin he’s not going to impress you with his speed, so avoid the long runs and keep going down fast.

- Pretty low-poly 3D style visuals with infinite random level generation
- Easy to understand gameplay
- Vibration feedback
- Google Play leaderboards and achievements support
- No in-app purchases

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and was developed entirely with the engine’s Blueprint coding system, serving as a proving ground for the UE4 mobile development techniques as well as Blueprints capabilities.

You can get Penguin In Panic for free at the Google Play store:



About cameleon-labs:

cameleon-labs is an independent game developer, based in Poznan, Poland, focused on delivering interesting gameplay experience wraped in high quality, creative content.

We are a small studio that is free to follow its own ideas, and untied with any publisher we are ready to hear from the community in order to make our games richer and more fun to play.

Working on different stuff ranging from web aplications and database solutions for corporate clients to graphic tools and big scale game modding is how our team members got their experience (Object Painter  video1video2S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha). And now we are going to put all of it together, combined with our creativty and passion, into making some kick-ass games for you.

Focused on the Unreal Engine 4 mobile development at the moment we are happy to perform countless experiments with new tools and ideas.


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Penguin In Panic!!! Released 

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Who needs documentation…

… if you can do reverse engineering on example projects? 


They say that an image is worth a thousand words? Yeah, right… But sometimes, just sometimes that 1000 words would be a much better idea ;) I do love UE4 Blueprints, and love working with them, but sometimes it’s just such a mess… You may have problems finding stuff in your own setups if you come back to it after a longer break, but if you are trying to figure out something you don’t know yet how it works, you don’t know yet how it is supposed to work, and you don’t know the way it is visually organized… than you are about to have some serious fun :D

And then you are finished and it all seems so perfectly simple.

And then you come back to it after two weeks, and you can’t understand a thing for the first ten minutes :)