Monthly archive from: August 2013


Art style prototype

We are happy to show the first in-game, unedited screenshot from the Rascal Rider. This art style prototype is our starting point for fine tuning the game looks and feel. Our goal is to mix rich, advanced lighting with some toon effects like outline, hand painted textures and strong visual effects. We hope you like it :)

Rascal Rider art style prototype

Whiteborad. August

cameleon-labs whiteboard in August

Animations, lighting and some angels…

Rascal Rider Main Theme

The theme song for the Rascal Rider is here.

Rated M for mature.

RASCAL RIDER story trailer got rated by ESRB, receiving the M 17+ rating. We are going to do our best to keep it for the entire game :)

Rascal Rider on Steam Greenlight

We have just listed Rascal Rider on the Steam Greenlight concepts list. If you have the Steam account you may find us in the most popular section or simply by clicking here: