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Whiteboard. July.

Whiteboard. July.

New desktop wallpapers

Some of the concept arts prepared to fit on your screens :)

Desktop Wallpaper

Rascal Rider Desktop Wallpaper (1920×1080)

RASCAL RIDER – Superbikes meet cyberpunk – Story teaser

Take all the emotions you can squezze out of the motorcycle, put them in a Trackmania inspired epic track locations, add some fluency and gameplay dynamics of Wipeout, set it all in a  the world of future inspired by cyperpunk and make it a professional sport with violent rules that can only be matched by the ones of Rollerball.

Welcome to the world of the Rascal Rider game and graphic novel.


As a professional rider you will take part in a motorcycle racing series specially designed to entertain millions with its unforgiving and violent rules. Being on track you and all of your opponents will be allowed to use different kind of weaponry to claim your place at the finish line. From melee attacks to shooting rival riders in the back -everything is allowed. The high-tech protective suit and medical bots standing by the track will keep you in one piece during the race, as long as you can stand the pain of getting trashed over and over…

The game will feature both single player and a cross-platform multiplayer modes. In both modes you will have a choice of allowing the use of the weapons with or without restrictions to create your preffered mix of racing and combat. With the handling model balancing between spectacularity and physics Rascal Rider gameplay provides fun and rewarding racing experience.

The game will be released on PC, Mac and Linux as well as on mobile platforms like iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android, including Android based gaming systems like OUYA and NVIDIA SHIELD. The main focus in gameplay design is to provide equal fun and playabilty for all the platforms to the extent that will allow a cross-platform multiplayer online racing. Any player will be able to race on a platform of his choice with his characters and statistics accessible from every one of them.

Oculus Rift support and console versions are considered, however cannot be confirmed at the time. 

The game will be set in the world of the Rascal Rider graphic novel, which will be released in episodes, revealing piece by piece, a story of a lone man struggling to fit in the disturbing world of the future. The first episode, released as a poster and a motion comics trailer, reveals the events leading to the point where the main character “restarts” his racing carrer thus creating the game setting.



About cameleon-labs:

cameleon-labs is an independent game developer, based in Poznan, Poland, focused on delivering interesting gameplay experience wraped in high quality, creative content. 

We are a small studio that is free to follow its own ideas, and untied with any publisher we are ready to hear from the community in order to make our games richer and more fun to play. 

Working on different stuff ranging from web aplications and database solutions for corporate clients to graphic tools and big scale game modding is how our team members got their experience (Object Painter video1video2S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha). And now we are going to put all of it together, combined with our creativty and passion, into making some kick-ass games for you.



Rascal Rider The Beginning Press Kit

Rascal Rider Story Teaser (FullHD)


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Night shift

The Rig

Doing some rigging for a futuristic motorcycle racing game, at night, with these colors in the viewports and TRON Legacy soundtrack playing in the background… It simply feels right :)

That’s not the way we do it…

This is what happens when you spend to much time on something… At first it’s just an innocent joke and before you know it you end up with a pink motorcycle with a toon shader… SWEEEET! :)

However the stripes on the tires are acctually quite usefull. There is some serious testing being done with this mean machine at the moment.

Just remember that every time you will feel like this in the game:

it will be possible because of all the sweat and blood this beauty is leaving on the test track right now.

design by accident

You can expect this inspiration to change into a final design at some point. It simply is to good to ignore it, even if it was born by a complete accident :) 

happy accident

rotation fix

Life just got a little bit simpler :)