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Whiteboard. March

find 10 differences…



Another view on the oval track. This look and feel is definitely what we are aiming for.

Wheelieeeeee :)

Video games and your brain.

Ever been wondering what’s happening to your brain when you play video games? Well, it’s not that bad as you probably think. Interesting stuff.

Oval track

And yet another concept art. We are focusing right now on the oval track location. This is where we are going to test the overall feeling and mood of the game. The simplest venue but with the most dense atmosphere, will work great as the testing location for most of the game features. At least this is the plan ;)

The Oval

another Rascal Rider concept art

Another concept art for the Rascal Rider game. Just having fun with the general concept of the game and it’s setting.

Rascal Rider concept art

Andrew Stanton on story telling

If you are interested in game development, than you are interested in story telling as well. And if so, you should really enjoy this talk.

balance vs logic

You could have endless discussions about various features in video games but when it comes to balance vs logic…

“a nice change for balance, but hilariously illogical” – that pretty much sums it up :)