Monthly archive from: February 2013


Whiteboard. February

Whiteboard. February.

Another monthly snapshot, with some ugly stuff in the centre :)

To be honest, there was some more interesting stuff on our board that was wiped off ┬ájust a day before taking this photo. But that’s the way it works.


We were really busy for the past 2 months. A lot of stuff was done. We are getting ready for the first official press release, which will be kind of special. In the meanwhile you can have a sneak peak at our suit design workbench.

Some design tests

Some test renders after using Blender particle system for suit design patterns. Basically it’s just some random hair with particles rendered as an object. You can have fun with particles settings, with the shape of the object, or you can use some weight painting to introduce some pre-designed patterns for particles distribution or size. Instant fun :)