Monthly archive from: July 2012


helmet concept

one of the first concepts for one of the helmets available in Rascal Rider game

not much to say really, but I think you get the picture already

skull motorcycle helmet concept


Relax Zone at cameleon-labs

not the only way to relax here but if you wish to get some rest under the palm tree, this is your only option ;)

track no.2

Working a liitle bit more on the track locations feeling. This one was made for the second location that will be a part of the inital content.



one of the best development tools you will ever use in your life… no matter if you discuss design, UV layouts or logic problems there is nothing better than some fast, ugly sketches put on the wall for everyone to see

our whiteboard

“some more blood over here…”

Three new concept arts focusing more on the core of the Rascal Rider gaming experience…

Gameplay-like view

One more…

Rascal Rider concept art no.2

Rascal Rider first concept art

Here we go. The first concept art for the Rascal Rider is here.

Rascal Rider first concpet art

The game will take you to the future, where beeing a motorcycle racer is even more intense and dangerous than it is now.